Robin Hood 


The Hebrew state is to some extent tolerant of marijuana use. The government approved a plan in March that partially decriminalizes personal and recreational use and focuses on fines and therapy. Production, sale and purchase continue to be criminal offenses.

The plan has not yet been implemented, but it gave the false impression that legalization was imminent, says Orit Sternberg of the Anti-Drug Authority.

The creation of Telegrass is anything but a coincidence, he says.

According to a study by this authority, 27% of Israelis smoke cannabis at least once a year, a percentage that reaches 41% among young people between 18 and 25 years old.

For its detractors, Telegrass gives buyers and sellers a false security. The need to identify themselves exposes them to extortion attempts.

For supporters, the platform is better than meetings with street vendors or a nightclub.

"He is becoming a kind of hero, the ' Robin Hood of cannabis ', as if he offered a better and safer life," laments Sternberg.

By Stephen Weizman, of AFP

United States: These are the 8 states where marijuana is legal 

Little by little more states of the United States  (USA) put on the so-called green shirt. And is that with the legalization of marijuana in California for cultivation, consumption and marketing only for recreational purposes, there are already 8 states out of 50 that are in a similar situation, although with some nuances.
Since January 1, California legalized marijuana and, in addition to the other 8 states, there are 29 states that allow the use of medical marijuana .

In California there are 4 precepts: it is forbidden to drive under the effects of the drug, the maximum amount is 28 grams, to use marijuana you must be over 21 years old, and you can not smoke in public or near schools or playgrounds.

Now 1300 stores await permission to sell marijuana . California is the sixth state that allows the sale of the plant. As the most populous state, the industry in this state is expected to generate US $ 7 billion in a few years.

In 2016, more than US $ 6.6 billion was moved in marijuana throughout the United States .

Also, the approval of marijuana has been increasingly increasing. According to a Gallup survey in the United States in October, 64% of Americans approve the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

The survey also revealed that 51% of Republicans, 72% of Democrats and 67% of Independents also support legalization.

In addition, the potential market for legal marijuana reaches US $ 9.7 billion according to a study by Arcview Market Researh and BDS Analytics.

What are the 8 US states? where marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes?

1.- Alaska . In early 2015, legalization was approved in Alaska. Thus, adults over 21 years could recreate with the plant and carry 28 grams. The first marijuana store was opened at the end of October 2016. In addition, there are initiatives to include stores within local tourism.

2.- California . On January 1, marijuana was legalized in its cultivation, consumption and commercialization; however, by 1996, medical marijuana was already legal. In 2016 it became legal to carry 28 grams; however, it was still illegal to market. Also, it will not be possible to market between 10 pm and 6 am.
3.- Colorado . Along with Washington, Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana since 2012. Likewise, until 2016 this state had more marijuana stores than Starbucks and McDonald's stores .
4.- Maine . A legislative initiative gave them the right to the premises to have in possession up to 70 grams; however, it does not mean that they can buy marijuana. By November of 2017, Governor Paul LePage vetoed a rule that would regulate and generate taxes on recreational marijuana. Now, legislators and the governor are in talks to put together a new legislative framework.
5.- Massachusetts . In 2016, the state allowed possession and use of 28 grams of marijuana and cultivation of up to 12 plants in each household. However, legislators delayed the opening of marijuana stores until July 2018 when it was planned for January of the same year. For now there will be no sales of marijuana for recreational purposes.
6.- Nevada . Both locals and tourists over the age of 21 can buy 28 grams of marijuana or 3.5 grams of groceries or concentrates. When sales were legalized, many stores sold out in less than two weeks. Since the market launch, the state has raised more than US $ 20 million in taxes. However, if you want to grow your plants you must live at least 40 kilometers away from a marijuana store.
7.- Oregon . Since 2015, locals can not only have possession of 28 grams but can also grow up to 4 plants. Groceries can also be given as long as they are consumed in private. In 2017, US $ 85 million was raised in taxes that were used to finance schools, social security initiatives, police and local governance.
8.- Washington . Since marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes, sales in this state amount to more than US $ 1 billion. The locals can have 28 grams of marijuana but if they want to grow they have to do it for medicinal purposes.
9.- Washington DC .- In November 2014, the premises of the US capital voted to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. The standard was approved in 2015 and allows the possession of 56 grams and can be given up to 28 grams if there is no commercial exchange in between.
While this is happening in the United States , the use of medical marijuana has been approved in Peru, but the regulations are not yet ready.
It should be noted that for the federal government, marijuana is illegal and, therefore, it is prohibited to carry marijuana between states.